After a consultation, you receive a certificate from your dentist. You provide this to your health insurance fund so that it can reimburse you for the consultation.

Thanks to digitalization, dentists can choose to send this certificate electronically to your health insurance fund. This certificate is called the eAttest.

You pay the full amount to your dentist and no longer have to send the certificate to your health insurance fund yourself. This is arranged directly, through the computer, between your dentist and your health insurance fund.

Your dentist will give you a receipt. You don’t have to submit this to your health insurance fund. Keep the receipt until the contribution has been credited to your account or if you claim an additional reimbursement from an extra insurance. With the receipt number that is on the receipt, you can also request information about the reimbursement from your health insurance fund.


Environmentally friendly

Reimbursement is automatic and faster

No chance of losing a paper certificate

Less administration, for both the dentist and the health insurance fund

Source: https://www.cm.be/wat-te-doen/ziekte-ongeval/terugbetaling-ziektekosten/eattest