We are a modern, hygienic and tastefully furnished dental practice in Schoten. We are active in several disciplines: general dentistry, pedodontics, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, implantology and narcodontics.


We are a fully equipped practice in which the patient is central. We constantly strive for high, consistent quality and service in the various disciplines.


Our dental team is open to new developments and technologies in order to meet your needs. These perspectives can only be achieved by satisfied employees. Therefore, we work to create a pleasant working environment and create space for consultation, professional and personal development.



Our people are driven daily by passion and love for their profession. They implement these values every time in order to fulfill the needs of our patients and to give them the best care.


We like to build a thorough patient-dentist relationship in which trust is an ever-evolving foundation. This allows us to empathize with the perception of our patients and helps us to help them find the best individual solution.


Our practice is always looking to feed its eagerness to learn and regularly dares to pioneer new technologies that help us provide evolving, modern care to our patients.


Mission and vision

To be a driven interdisciplinary dental practice where the total facial treatment from prevention to specialized treatments can be performed with the highest expertise of our dentists. To play a leading, evolving role so that we can continue to optimize according to the latest technologies. All this through a sustainable path and zero ecological footprint.



  • Passion: Passion for the profession strengthens our consistent pursuit of quality.
  • Trust: Building a good relationship of trust with the patient is central to our lasting cooperation.
  • Innovation: Within our profession, current innovative developments enable us to pursue a high degree of precision and predictability. This leads to great patient and dentist satisfaction.


Within Logodental, we work with modern equipment to provide qualitative treatments. To make this endeavor possible and to support our growth as a practice, we regularly invest in technological innovations. In order to do so, it is essential that we closely follow and critically assess the current innovative developments within our field. We currently have the following technology at our disposal:


  • Cone beam CT-scan
  • Orthopantomograph
  • Intra-oral scanning
  • L-PRF
  • Microscope
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