The Waiting Service General Dentist provides a waiting service in the whole of Flanders. This service is only available for urgent cases and therefore only provides emergency treatment.

1. The rate of the call is 1.5 euros per minute.

2. Saturday between 9.00 and 9.20 is a peak time for the call center.  Extra operators are provided but the waiting time can still be a bit long.  So it is best to avoid this peak time to call.

3. The on-call service is a service provided to patients to manage urgent pain or prevent aggravation of an emergency situation.

4. Thus, the on-call service provides only emergency treatment.

5. The treated patients always receive a report of the treatment for their home dentist.

6. The interventions are NOT free of charge. During the organized on-call service, all dentists apply the applicable convention rates, insofar as the treatments are included in the nomenclature.

0903 39 969